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Printed in $ TIX
Forgotten Realms Commander $0.50 €0.36 n/a
Strixhaven Mystical Archive $1.67 $3.76 €1.20 n/a 0.07
Strixhaven Mystical Archive $8.10 $17.57 €8.25 n/a
Commander 2021 $0.62 €0.40 n/a
Strixhaven Mystical Archive


instant draw card


Draw three cards, then put two cards from your hand on top of your library in any order.
"Infinite ideas flow through the Multiverse, waiting for an open mind." —*The Biblioplex: An Introduction*

drawn by Justin Hernandez & Alexis Hernandez

Part of the Strixhaven Mystical Archive set, number 13 out of 252 cards.

  • Banned historic
  • Restricted vintage
  • Banned premodern

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