Printed in $ TIX
Core Set 2019 $0.02 n/a €0.05 €0.20 0.02
Duel Decks: Elves vs. Inventors $0.05 n/a €0.06 n/a
Rivals of Ixalan $0.05 n/a €0.02 €0.20 0.01
Dragons of Tarkir $0.07 n/a €0.05 €0.53 0.01
Khans of Tarkir $0.07 n/a €0.02 €0.08 0.01
Rise of the Eldrazi $0.08 n/a €0.03 n/a 0.01
Destroy target artifact or enchantment.
"The scholars wept when we destroyed the hedron. I had no such pity. What would this world be like had we done so sooner?" —The War Diaries

drawn by Howard Lyon

Part of the Rise of the Eldrazi set, number 199 out of 248 cards.

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