Sol Ring
{T}: Add {C}{C}.
Mike Bierek
other variations: 1 2
Printed in $ TIX
Commander Collection: Black $11.37 $27.36 €4.22 n/a
Crimson Vow Commander $2.16 €1.15 n/a
Midnight Hunt Commander $1.80 €1.61 n/a
Forgotten Realms Commander $1.73 €0.92 n/a
Commander 2021 $1.74 €1.08 n/a
Commander Legends $1.75 n/a €1.04 n/a 6.64

Sol Ring


{T}: Add {C}{C}.
Lost to time is the artificer's art of trapping light from a distant star in a ring of purest gold.

drawn by Mike Bierek

Part of the Commander Legends set, number 472 out of 718 cards.

  • Banned legacy
  • Restricted vintage
  • Banned duel

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